Samuels and Atikasari in double panel at EuroSEAS conference

The 11th edition of the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies conference will take place at the Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic from 7 until 10 September 2021. Globalizing Palliative Care researchers Annemarie Samuels and Hanum Atikasari will talk about End-of-Life Care in Indonesia and will outline their research plans and reflect on how their questions speak to the analysis of silence, narrative and moral personhood at the end of life.

In the double panel on Thursday 9th of September Samuels and Atikasari will start by drawing on previous research in Aceh, where death and dying were rarely discussed during the last phase of life, whereas the practice of “narrating the good death” retrospectively played an important role in socially confirming the moral personhood of the deceased. This analysis raises several pressing questions, including How are discussing and not discussing dying implicated in creating a “good death” in Indonesia? How does the social and moral valuing of silence and narrative impact clinical and family interactions, particularly concerning disclosure and decision-making? And how do practices of care and narratives of moral personhood in advanced illness unfold along lines of class, gender and religion?

More information on the website of EuroSEAS.